Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals offer a wide selection of raw and active cannabinoid supplements with multiple delivery methods that have accurately dosed medicine from 1mg to 100mg. These products and patient-driven programs are designed to help regulate the body’s endogenous endocannabinoid system, perhaps the most physiological system in maintaining human health. These products are used in conjunction with the extended services provided by the A.C.T. Now Program.


Cannabinoid Research & Development (CRD), subsidiary of United Cannabis, is a Jamaican based corporation pursuing local licensing to advance the use of medical cannabis therapies through biomedical research and development for the nutraceutical industry. The company focuses on genetic restoration, cannabinoid isolation techniques, scientific research, educational programs, and promotes domestic job opportunities. The company is pioneered by Marcus Richardson, a cannabis veteran from Canada with over 20 years of resin isolation experience, and backed by Jamaican partners specializing in agricultural science and plant-based medicine. John Sayers, a local Jamaican director of CRD, will help United Cannabis implement his 40 years of agricultural methodologies into the localized educational curriculum, job training programs, and help with the integration of localized products.