United Cannabis® Corporation has US and worldwide patent protection for its proprietary technology until October 21, 2035. United Cannabis® Corporation’s proprietary cannabinoid compositions are covered by United States Patent No. 9,730,911 (the ‘911 Patent).

The patent covers a variety of liquid formulations containing cannabinoids, with or without certain terpenes/flavonoids, and including formulations infused in a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). The technology can be used with a wide variety of phytotherapeutic products with applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial markets.

United Cannabis® is offering licenses to its ‘911 Patent and related US and worldwide counterparts under terms that are customized to each licensee. Negotiations are
conducted pursuant to mutual non-disclosure agreements. Licensing is available in the United States and all countries where patent protection has been awarded to United Cannabis® via the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Please contact our General Counsel, Jesús M. Vázquez, at jmv@unitedcannabis.us to
discuss licenses.