Business Consulting Services

United Cannabis (UCANN) is a leading cannabis consulting agency. Our team of experienced industry leaders can help you reach or exceed your business goals while staying compliant. UCANN’s Chief Executive and Chief Technical Officers have been involved with medical cannabis since it was permissible in California and Colorado during the infancy stages of legalization of medical cannabis starting in the early 2000’s with over 40 awards.

UCANN has the experience, knowledge base and a proven track record to help you meet or exceed your business goals.

Our team of seasoned experts will guide your business through the harsh and ever changing registration and licenses processes, develop a business plan that will streamline your operations, maintain the highest echelon of industry standards, while maximizing your businesses profitability.

UCANN leaves no stone unturned, we will observe, analyze and advise/assist with your daily operations to a granular level.

UCANN will provide comprehensive training for you and employees at all levels and skill sets, advise you on proper cultivation methods and provide full spectrum consultation. We’ll show you how to institute retail procedures and training to increase your sales and profits. We’ll put you in touch with the right vendors as you need them, and we’ll assist you with the negotiating of terms and wholesale prices.


Consulting and Training Services include:


Getting Your Cannabis Business License

We have the knowledge and experience to get your business approved for your state license.  We keep on top of local and state legislation to ensure that your business remains compliant through every stage of your business. During the application process, we will work closely with you to develop business protocols, safety standards, a staff-training program, and a security plan.  We have the tools necessary to help develop all different kinds of businesses. We can help you draft a cultivation plan, create educational materials, or help you create products that comply with legal guidelines.

Training and Consultation on Proper Cultivation Methods

Our consultants will guide you to the right high-quality seeds and tools. We will provide your business with the guidelines and recommendations that will assist you in setting up your facilities the right way. We will also fully educate you on the lifecycle of the growing process as well as proper and efficient cultivation methods.

Financial and Tax Planning

UCANN prides itself with its thorough finance planning and analysis. Cannabis tax laws can be daunting. We will sit down with you to ensure your accounting practices and tax planning are in line with best practices.

Establish Retail Procedures

We assist you with establishing standard operating procedures in accordance with your state’s regulations and help you put in place effective staff hiring and education practices to ensure your employees adhere to relevant guidelines.

Employee Training

We have developed training manuals and additional materials that will assist you in evaluating employee performance. Our aim is to ensure that our training methods and materials are thorough yet very readable. We are more than willing to answer any questions you and your employees may have to ensure that your business is productive from the get go.

Sales Training to Maximize Sales and Profits

We assist you with developing infused products, product packaging and labeling that complies with regulations. We will show you how to stand out and make a name for your business in the Cannabis industry.

Vendor Relations

Going into business with trustworthy, reliable vendors is a huge key to success for your business. We will help facilitate the growing of your business’ network to allow you the confidence to grow your business. We are here to help you find the best vendors for your business, and if we don’t have connections to vendors in your area we can help you identify key characteristics to look for.

Investor Relations

Sleep well knowing your business’ financial security is in the capable hands of our experienced business consultants. Working directly with specialists, we can put the control of finances and potential investors into your hands.

Regular  Compliance Audits

The regulated cannabis industry is evolving quickly with advancing laws and regulations. Navigating through these regulations and systems can be tedious and daunting.  UCANN has the experienced and well-informed staff needed to conduct compliance audits; Predicting changes and adapting quickly to the legal requirements is crucial in your success in the cannabis industry. UCANN performs regular compliance audits in order to ensure you are always in compliance and helps you stay profitable. We can help your Cannabis business meet and maintain regulatory compliance for both the medical and the recreational markets.